KPF001: Rivers & Tides - s/t EP

January 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF001

Emo / Alternative from Germany.

50x black tape
50x white tape
silkscreen cover

-Sold out-

KPF002: Sandlotkids - I Will Wait Here EP

December 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF002

Emo/Alternative from Germany.

12" Vinyl:
200x silver vinyl
100x silver/black vinyl w. silkscreened cover

-Sold out-

Tape #2:
60x yellow tape
watercolor cover

-Sold out-

Tape #1:
30x pre-release tape
from their release show in Munich

-Sold out-

KPF003: Shizune / Things Fall Apart / Tall Ships Set Sail / Infro 4-way Split

May 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF003

Emo/Screamo from Japan, Italy and USA.

12" Vinyl:

100x pink/blue split vinyl
200x mixed colour vinyl

-Sold out-

KPF004: Unsaid. - loved EP

September 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF004

Melodic Hardcore from Germany.

30x with white lettering
30x with black lettering

-Sold out-

KPF005: Trachimbrod - A Collection of Hidden Sketches

August 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF005

Screamo/Postrock from Sweden.

50x white tape
silkscreened stuff case

-Sold out-

KPF006: Reason To Care - Evyn

August 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF006

Screamo/Ambient Hardcore from Germany.

12" Vinyl:
100x pink/mint haze vinyl
200x mint vinyl
250x black vinyl
Gatefold Cover

KPF007: Reasonist - Nothing In Common EP

November 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF007

Punk/Hardcore from Germany.

60x with whole EP on both sides
2-sided silkscreened cover

-Sold out-

KPF008: Koepfen Calender Sampler - As Long As You Love

January 2015 · Koepfen Records · KPF008

silkscreened case
+ Calender

KPF009: Wherebirdsmeettodie / Dearest Split

August 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF009

Screamo from Germany and USA.

7" Vinyl:
300x black vinyl

KPF010: Viva Belgrado - Flores, Carne

December 2014 · Koepfen Records · KPF010

Screamo from Spain.

12" Vinyl:

1st press:
clear green vinyl (Sold out)

2nd press:
babypink vinyl (Sold out)

3rd press:
black vinyl (Sold out)

4th press:
coke bottle clear vinyl

KPF011: Blätter - s/t EP

February 2015 · Koepfen Records · KPF011

Punk from Germany.

130x with patch + button

KPF012: Tempano - Discography Tape 2013​-​2015

June 2016 · Koepfen Records · KPF012

Emoviolence/Screamo from Spain.

60x red tape
silkscreened case
handmade inlay